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Facilities > Hostel > Menu List

Hostel Menu for 2012-2013 :

Delicious and hygienic food is provided to the Hostel students. Lunch is provided with two vegetables dishes. Egg is provided thrice in a week and Non-Vegetarian dishes once a concurrence with the hostel students through students representative.

Days Break fast Lunch Snacks/tea Dinner
Sunday Sarkarai Pongal /Kesari,Idly(5) Chutney(Tomato Sambar,Coffee,Milk Boiled rice, Sambar/Bengal gram dhal kozhambu, Raw banana poriyal, tomato kootu, rasam, butter milk, pappad, pickle. Grownut, Tea/Milk, Boiled rice,sambar, rasam, Buttermilk, Koou,Pickles, Banana.
Monday Ven Pongal, chutney, sambar, coffee,Milk Boiled rice, dried bitter peas  Kuzhambu/rasam, buttermilk, pappad, poriyal,Kootu, boiled egg,Banana. Sweet Bonda Tea/Milk, Vegetable rice,Malli thuvaiyal/Veg.salut, Papaya fruit.
Tuesday Tomato Rice, Thuvaiyal, Milk, Coffee Boiled Rice, Moong dhall sambar(fried) rassam, butter milk, pappad, pickle, poriyal, kootu Sundal (Block) Tea/Milk, Dosai(7)Chutney, sambar,Pine apple.
Wednesday Venpongal,Chutney, sambar, coffee. Milk. Boiled Rice, dry beans  kozhambu ,rassam, butter milk, pappad, pickle, poriyal, kootu. Grownut, Tea/Milk, Boiled rice,sambar, rasam, Buttermilk, Kootu-1, Banana.
Thursday Kesari idly(5),  Chutney,sambar coffee,Milk Boiled rice, meal maker kozhambu rasam,  butter milk, pickle, pappad, poriyal, kootu, boiled egg/banana. Thattaipairu Sundal. Tea/Milk, Chappathi(4)/Purota -4 /Poori(6)Guruma,Curd rice,Banana.
Friday VenPongal, Chutney, Sambar, Coffee,Milk Boiled rice, Paruppu , ghee, rasam, butter milk, pappad,payasam,(Vermicelli/moong dhall) poriyal, kootu,Pickles. Banana Bajji, Tea/Milk, Lemon rice, Gushkka, Chutney, sambar, Pine apple.
Saturday Dosai(5), Chutney, sambar,Coffee,milk. Boiled rice, onion/ladys finger kozhambu, rasam, butter milk, pickle,poriyal, kootu, Armlette. Banana. Popcorn, Tea/Milk. Curd rice,Tamarind rice/Tomato Rice, boondhi , Kootu

*In monthly once a Wednesday night there will be boiled rice, vegetable Briyani, milk cake, chicken kozhambu, rasam,butter milk, potato kootu,pickle, curd onion.
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