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Departments > Garment Technology

          VSVN Polytechnic College, a Govt. aided Autonomous Institution noted for its discipline and academic excellence, was founded in 1958 and managed by Mahamai Tharappus of Virudhunagar business community. The department was established during the year 1985 and has been accredited for 3 years by NBA, AICTE, New Delhi. F.No: 33-78/2010/NBA Department Mission: Our Mission is to provide quality education with varied capabilities, design excellence and time based educational value to develop the professional skills.


  • To To be an department of excellence in the field of Garment Technology and training of individual focusing on the needs of the nation and society in tune with technological developments.


  • Our mission is to produce disciplined and quality technocrats in the field of Garment Technology through academic programme of noted excellence to serve the society.


Technocrats apply their knowledge in Garment Designing and create fashionable garments.

Technocrats gain foundation in pursuing successful profession or higher studies

Technocrats will gain idea regarding quality assurance, to meet societal and industry needs

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