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About Us >History

As a result of rapid industrialization intense effects were made all over the country to uplift the country's economy with industrial bias. Any under developed country will face innumerable problems and difficulties while undertaking vast schemes. One such difficulty was the publicity of Engineering and Technological personal needed to man such ambitious schemes. This posed a serious challenge. To meet this challenge, the All India Council for Technical Education formulated a scheme for the establishment of Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics in suitable places all over the country. When the Government of India announced this scheme for adoption, the Mercantile Community of the Hindu Nadars of Virudhunagar came forward to establish a Polytechnic at Virudhunagar at the instance of the District Collector, Ramanathapuram at Madurai.
 Impressed by the Government of India's scheme, a meeting was convened with elders of this town on 02-12-1956. At this meeting a consensus was reached for establishment of a Polytechnic in this town with the aid of various Mahamai Tharappus (Trade Associations). It was unanimously approved to name the Institution after a philanthropist, Kodaivallal S.Vellaichamy Nadar who contributed munificent donations for the establishment of the Polytechnic
An interim 'Formation Committee' was formed to start the primary works for the establishment of a Polytechnic at Virudhunagar.
The statue of Founder Patron Kodaivallal S.Vellaichamy Nadar was unveiled by Bharat Ratna Hon'ble K.Kamaraj on 12-05-1965.
VSVN Polytechnic College - Formation Committee Members
Virudhunagar S.Vellaichamy Nadar Polytechnic College is located at about 2 Kms away from Virudhunagar town, a well known business center in Virudhunagar District in Tamilnadu. The Polytechnic was started on 21st July 1958. Honorable, Bharath Ratna Sri.K.Kamaraj, the then Chief Minister of Madras inaugurated the Polytechnic with his blessings. It is run by the Virudhunagar S.Vellaichamy Nadar Polytechnic Managing Board a body registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 and consists of 48 members representing 11 Mahamai Tharappus (Trade Associations) of Virudhunagar Hindu Nadars.


Virudhunagar S.Vellaichamy nadar Polytechnic College is in the First place in the list of the aided polytechnic in Tamilnadu. This prestigious co-educational institution is offering valuable education to more than thousand students every year. Our Founder Kodaivallal S.Vellaichamy Nadar founded this institution in 1958.
His Birth and Early life : He was born on 27th July 1897. He was the only son to his Parents Thiru S.K.P. Sankara Kumara Nadar and Tmt. Sivakamiammal. He had started his schooling in K.V.S. Middle School and continued up to VIIth Std. Due to his poverty, he had to give up his education and took up a job as a menial for a meager salary. A few years later, he worked as canvassing agent. He married Tmt. Annamalaiammal on oct 12 - 1930 while he was 34 years of age. They gave birth to four sons namely
Vivekanandham, Sadhanandham, Paramanandham and Thirukkural and two daughters, Jeevanandham and Kuralmani. Hard work made him a successful man in Dhall Business.

Social Service :

In 1950, he became the president of K.V.S. Managing Board. In 1951 he became a president of Kshatriya Girls School and served for six years. During his tenure, he introduced a novel scheme of giving free lunch to poor students. As the school needed extension, he donated a huge amount to build a new building and it was named after Tmt. S.V. Annamalai Ammal .

While India was under the regime of the British, he extended his moral support to the Indian struggle for freedom. Since his fail physique did not allow him to take an active part in it, he rendered monitary help to the freedom fighters. From 1919 onwards a vocational institution for celebrating Thiruvalluvar day. Every year essay writing and elocution Competitions are conducted to the students through this endowments, he vowed to wear only khadi dress. He was also a voracious reader. He was highly influenced by Thirukkural. In his autobiography he has remarked that his life flourished only by Tirukkural. This motivated him to create endowments in all edu. He also paraphrased Thirukkural in simple language and published for easy understanding of the text even by a layman.

Arakkodai Annal and Tamil Marai Kaavalar are the title endowed to him in honour of his philanthropic spirit and service to Tamil Literature by the people of Virudhunagar. V.V.Shunmuga Nadar, M.S.P. Raja, T.M.M. Rajakani Nadar, V.N.M.S. Ayyasamy Nadar and K.P. Mahalinga Nadar, the great personalities of Virudhunagar gave him the title Kodai Vallal in 1950. Such a great personality lost his life on 25.2.1983.

He had a strong faith in hard work. So he achieved success in all his endeavours. Our polytechnic motto "Endeavours Brings Success" also reminds us of our founder. Our Office bearers also work as per our motto. This is the reason for the success and reputation of our Polytechnic College.
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