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About Us > Short Term Goals

  1. To update the curriculam to suit the need of the Industry and society.
  2. To modernise, workshop, laboratories, communication facilities and office equipments.
  3. To attain self sufficiency in facilities like canteen, transport, communication, bank, library, sports, medical care and recreation.
  4. To design and implement Management Information System.
  5. To give academic freedom to all the faculty and encourage them to participate in all the activities of the Management.
  6. To revise the recruitment procedure for both faculty and students satisfying the needs of the academic programme such as adequate strength and objectives.
  7. To conduct personality development programmes for both faculty and students to attain best attitude, communication skill and leadership quality.
  8. To reward the faculty suitably for fulfilling their commitment to the entire satisfaction of the institution.
  9. To make learning simple and easy by utilizing modern teaching aids.
  10. To offer counselling and guidance to our students.
  11. To grant scholarship widely for best students on their academic performance.
  12. To arrange career opportunities to students through specialized professional courses and need based programmes.
  13. To motivate our students for self employment by developing Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.(EDPs)
  14. To enhance Industry-Institute interaction..
  15. To develop a pleasant and hygienic environment to all the inmates in our Campus.
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