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National service scheme – 

       Popularly known as “NSS” is a permanent youth programme under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and is supported by Government of India. The main objective of the scheme is the development of student personality through community service and its motto “Not Me But You” --- it upholds the need of selfless service and also consideration for human beings.

Virudhunagar S. Vellaichamy Nadar Polytechnic College has two NSS Units. The NSS Units render regular activities like soft skill development programme, youth counseling, women empowerment, blood donation, health education, campus cleanliness, visit to old age homes etc.,

The NSS Units also implement awareness programmes like HIV/AIDS, Anti-Plastic propaganda, Anti-tobacco propaganda, solid waste management etc., In addition to the existing programmes the NSS Units executes the activities like orientation for NSS volunteer, Leadership motivation & personality development, disaster management, yoga & meditation & inculcating moral & ethical values, rainwater harvesting, cleanliness Drive (Swachh Bharat mission) etc.,

The NSS Units conduct a 7 day Special camping programme in the adopted villages for about 3 to 5 years continuously after devising strategies for implementing various need-based and welfare oriented programmes for the benefit of the community.

Red Ribbon Club: 
   Aiming at heightening their risk and perception and preventing HIV as well as promoting voluntary blood donation among youth between the age of 17-25 years a voluntary organization Red Ribbon Club is implemented in the Institution.

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