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           Patron's Award under Patron Kodaivallal S.Vellaichamy Nadar Endowment Fund. Patron Kodaivallal S.Vellaichamy Nadar is pleased to award a Gold Medal worth Rs.1,000/- which is to be awarded every year from Patron S.Vellaichamy Nadar Endowment Fund to the best student of the Polytechnic College.

Founder Patron S.Vellaichamy Nadar sons Silver Jubilee Memorial Fund Award.    

              Founder Patron Kodaivallal S.Vellalichamy Nadar Sons, S.V.Vivekanantham, S.V. Sadanandham, S.V. Paramanandam, S.V. Thiruvalluvar are pleased to award a Silver Medal worth of Rs.200/- to the students of this Polytechnic College who have secured First Rank in the First year, Second year and Final year Diploma course in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Modern Office Practice, Garment Technology, Computer Engineering, Plastic Technology and Mecahnical Engineering (Tool & Die) and to those who stand first in sports and project work. 

Award of Gold Medals from the Endowment Fund :

1. Patron Kodaivallal S.Vellaichamy Nadar Endowment Fund - Best student - I Rank
2. Vadiyan V.A.M.Rathinam Charities Endowment Fund - DCE- I Rank (Diploma in Civil Engineering )
3. A.Ramasamy Nadar Endowment Fund - DME - I Rank
4. M.S.P.K.Periasamy Nadar Endowment Fund - DEEE - I Rank
5. S.S.P.S.Mariappa Nadar - Menaka Endowment Fund - DECE - I Rank
6. N.Shyama Endowment Fund - D.G.T. - I Rank
7. M.S.P.Rajah Endowment Fund - DMOP - I Rank
8.V.M.Gnanasabapathy Nadar Endowment Fund - DMOP - II Rank
9.S.P.G.C.Nagammal Endowment Fund-DCE-I Rank (Diploma in Computer Engineering )
10. S.P.Subramania Nadar - Kanagamaniammal Endowment Fund - DPT - I Rank
11. Founder Patron Kodaivallal S.Vellaichamy Nadar Sons Silver Jubilee Memorial Fund - I rank holder in all branches 
12. Founder Patron Kodaivallal S.Vellaichamy Nadar Centenary Memorial Endowment Fund by Thiru S.V.Vivekanandam & Thiru S.V.Paramanandam - Best student - II Rank
13. S.S.S.A.S. Kishore, M.B.A., Endowment Fund - DCE - II Rank (Diploma in Computer Engineering)
14. Israel S.A. Jesuaian,B.E., Endowment Fund - Best all rounder in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
15. M. Chinna thambi D.M.E, (Old student 1979-1982) - DME (T&D) - I Rank (Diploma in Mechanical (Tool & Die) Engineering)
16. Major S.G.Kasirajan - Kalavathy Endowment Fund - Best NCC cadet
17. VSVN Polytechnic College Old Students' Association Endowment Fund - II Rank Holders of all Branches (including I year Engg. & MOP) are awarding medals to the top ranking students in the Final Year Diploma Examination in all branches.    
18.Ms.C.R.Gayathri,I.A.S.,Endowment Fund -Best All Rounder in Mechanical Engineering     
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