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Administration >Rules& Regulations

        The primary aim of our Polytechnic College is to provide the need-based quality, competent training programs to community, industry and students. Beside this, special emphasis is laid on the student. Breaking of any rules of regulations of the institution is considered to be lack of character.

         Discipline of a high order is expected from all students and indiscipline of any kind will be severly dealt with. Promoting Orderliness, Obedience and discipline in the student's behaviour both inside and outside the Polytechnic College is the primary aim of our institution. The students are expected to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the college.
  Students are expected to attend the class regularly. Attendance is marked for every period and students should be punctual to the classes. Late comers and absentees without proper leave letters are liable to be fined. Leave application from can be had from the office on payment. Leave will be granted only on valid grounds. All applications for leave shall be endorsed by the parent or guardian in the case of dayscholars and by the Asst. Warden in case of hostel students. Absentees will be fined Rs.2/-per session and Rs.5/-per day.The fine amount should not exceed Rs.50/-per semester.If it exceeds Rs.50/-,he/she may be suspended from the Polytechnic College until further orders. A student shall be permitted to appear for the end Examination only if the candidate puts in not less than 80% attendance of the total number of working hours. 
         Attending the classes on the re-opening day and closing day of every semester is compulsory. Bridging any holiday with the adjoining working day is strictly prohibited.
          No student shall leave the class until the lecture has left it, expect with the specific permission.
          Loitering in the campus,staying in the hostel during class hours, unauthorized entry into the hostels and use of hostel facilities by the day-scholars are strictly prohibited. 
          Strict silence should be maintained throughout the class hours. 
          Since it is a co-educational institution strict discipline is expected from both boys and girls. During their stay, the students should not speak with, exchange greeting cards, photographs, gift and articles or letters with the opposite sex. Conversation should be avoided especially in sports field and in laboratories. Any violation will be seriously dealt with. It may end in dismissal from the institution. The students are not allowed to visit the residence or to contact over phones of the other sex. Students who violate the rule will be suspended immediately from the college.    
          Students should handle the college property with utmost care. If there is any damage caused to college property, willfully or otherwise, the cost will be recovered from the student concerned. Disciplinary action will be taken if the damage is caused willfully.
          Any damage caused to institution property shall be paid by students at faultor if the individual is not tracable, collective fine will be levived.
          Writing on walls, scribbling on drawing boards and furniture, pasting posters, etc., are strictly prohibited.they shall not do any mar to the cleanliness and tidiness of the buildings and other properties.
          The students shall not organize or participate in any meeting without the permission of the principal.
           Smoking, consuming alcohol and use of intoxicants is strictly prohibited. Any violation will result in immediate suspension /dismissal from the hostel/college. No organized meeting, party or any get together shall be arranged in the college primises or outside without the permission of the Principal. 
          The students are directed to co-operate with the administration in keeping the college and hostel campus clean. Waste paper should be dropped only in the dustbins. Eating lunch within the classroom is strictly prohibited. Students are advised to take their lunch only in the student's amenities center. 
          Students should not shout just before leaving for educational tours. Strict discipline should be maintained throughout the tour. 
          Using crackers within the college or hostel campus is strictly forbidden. 
          All students should attend college function like Sports day and College day etc., They should not stay back in the hostels.
          During the functions and meetings students are expected neither to leave in the middle of the proceeding nor to be seen in any other place.
           All students both boys and girls should attend classes on all days will full uniform. The shirts should be tucked in. During the Laboratory and Workshop classes they should wear-over-alls. Particularly shoe is a must. 
           The girl students shall always-conventional half saree dresses or the thuppatta pined in shoulders. They should properly pin their dresses. Overalls should be worn during practical and drawing classes.
Students are advised to drive two wheelers with proper license and with all the relevant documents like R.C. Book and Insurance etc., 
           They should not have more than one pillion rider. 
           They should drive the vehicle only in the prescribed speed inside the campus. 
           The vehicle should be parked only in the allotted shed for the students in an orderly manner.
                           "The Mother of Learning is the Library". A well updated library is functioning in a separate two stored building with 476 sq.m. area. At present it has a good collection of 19,680 volumes of valuable books. The library subscribes to more than 33 periodicals and 5 dailies. The following are the working hours of the library. 
          The library is kept open from 08.30 AM to 06.00 PM on week days. The library is closed on Saturdays and Sundays and other holidays. 
          The issue and return counter will function during the library working hours under Barcoding system. The users of the Library shall enter their names legibly in the register at the entrance of the library. 
          Strict silence shall be observed in the library premises.        
         Readers shall not write on damage or make any mark on any book, manuscript belonging to the library. 
          Students on receiving books are expected to examine them for any damages and if found it is to be returned to the librarian before they leave the library. Failure to do so will render themself liable to pay any damages that may be notices afterwards.
          The librarian is empowered to order out any student who misbehaves in the library. All serious offences will be brought to the notice of the Principal promptly by the librarian.
          Students are issued with one borrowers tickets, onwhich books can be taken on loan.
          A student can retain the book for 7 days. If the due date falls on a holiday, he/she should return it on the next working day. 
          If a student does not return the book within the due date a fine of 50 paise per day from the due date will be collected. Fines imposed shall be paid in the same month and replacement of lost books shall be effected as ordered.
          If a borrower's ticket is lost, the fact should be reported to the librarian. A duplicate borrowers ticket will be issued to each student on payment of fine. The student is responsible for the books borrowed on his ticket.
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