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Departments > Electrical & Electronics Engineering

        VSVN Polytechnic College, a Govt. aided Autonomous Institution noted for its discipline and academic excellence, was founded in 1958 and managed by Mahamai Tharappus of Virudhunagar business community.

The department was established during the year 1958 and has been accredited for 3 years by NBA, AICTE, New Delhi. Vide Lr. No.NBA/ACCR-786/2005 July 27, 2006 and then for next three years with effect from 21.6.2010.


To cultivate genuine engineering skills among our students along with higher social ethics and finer human values


Virudhunagar s. Vellaichamy nadar polytechnic college intends to produce disciplined and quality technocrats by imparting value added technical education and training by reinforcing our bonds with industry, parents, alumini and students, and to continuously develop an innovative and excellence in every sphere of education, faculty improvement and all facilities through continual improvement of quality management system with whole human development.


To develop ourselves as the nerve center of excellence in Electrical and Electronics engineering by coordinating, integrating, and enriching the theoretical, practical knowledge of our faculties, support staffs and faculties of diploma institution in the state and thereby equipping ourselves equal to the task of shouldering the responsibility of providing support to the technical needs of our nation.


To feel our students to acquire knowledge not merely superficially, but to put it into practice courageously and consciously, and thus developing true confidence among them to face the problem manly, confronting in their field.

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