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The Medical officer for Hostel student is Dr. R.Dhanapal. The Medical dispensary room is available in the Gurusamy Hostel. The medical officer visits on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at dispensary hall. In addition, the medical officer attends the patients at dispensary hall as whenever required. The patients requiring urgent treatment are sent to the nearest hospitals.

Hostel Library:

A separate Hostel library facility is provided for both boys and girls. One of the hostel student who is in charge of library will look after the circulation section of magazines, periodicals and books.

The Hindu News paper is provided to each room to enrich the general knowledge of the hostel students. The articles presented by the inmates and all hostel activities are written by hand (manuscript) of inmates and is released with the title “ENNACHITHRAL” during Hostel Day Celebration.

The following magazines and periodicals are purchased for the inmates. Employment news, India today, G.K. Inside and outside, Competition affair, Tamil Computer, Sport star, Pudhiyathalaimurai kalvi, Dr. Vikatan, Mangayar malar, etc.,

Mineral Water Plant:

All the inmates are provided with mineral water. Mineral water Plant with the capacity of 500 liters/hour is installed and the mineral water plant is periodically maintained through AMC. Solar

Water Heater :

A solar water heater is provided in the roof of dining hall to supply hot water for cooking.

Telephone Facility:

Incoming line for boys in hostel office : 04562-280477 Seven Coin phone facilities have been provided to the inmates. There is also a network of internal telephone communication facilities in all the hostel buildings.

First Aid Box:

A first aid box has been provided to all the hostel buildings. The first aid box is maintained with the medical items such as Dettol, Turpentine oil, Tinger, Burnol, Band Aid, Iodex ,Cotton roll, Electrol Powder, Paracetamol etc.,

Smart Card PCO

The smart card pay phone provided at free of cost.The smart card will be a user friendly device at low cost. It is a HI-Tech device to call all over India.These smart card pay phones are available in our college hostels.

Smart card pay phone will fulfil the communication needs of the students and will take away all the operational issues of the management. Is completely tailor made and smart way of calling. They give uninterrupted services through our smart pay phone. This phone is specially designed to monitor/control calling as desired by parents/management.

Salient Features :

This phone enhances security.

The users can call parent’s number only.

The user can use this phone to call selected person by using closed Reusable IC- Cards.

Students Bio Matric System:

Our college hostel centralized attendance monitoring system to monitor and track the work of all hostel students, was launched. Attendance is verified using a six-digit number generated from the Student’s register number via a biometric scanner, which then uses a fingerprint scanner to confirm authentication. 

CCTV Surveillance

CCTV cameras and surveillance systems have gained popularity and importance in the college hostel that runs on continuously, 24x7. CCTV surveillance goes a long way in ensuring a safe and secure atmosphere for the hostel students. In the recent years, there has been an increase in the number of hostels adopting technology to improve their efficiency and a better experience for students. This ensures students and their belongings are always are protected.

Benefits of CCTV Cameras in our Hostels

• Hostel CCTV cameras reduce and help to restrict possible intruders from having access to the hostel facilities like the playground, Dining hall, gyms etc.

• The surveillance of entrance and exit areas helps to keep trespassers from entering the premises.

• CCTV cameras installed in the maintenance and storage rooms are a big support in preventing theft and other unethical activities by employees.

• Students can enjoy peace of mind while they enjoy their stay at the hostel.

• Easy to install and monitor surveillance systems with remote access facilities and mobile alerts make these technological advancements an added bonus to our college hostels.

Key areas to consider when installing CCTVs in our college Hostels

• Entrance and exits, staff entryways, kitchen/pantry loading/unloading areas.

• Lobbies, meeting areas, Corridors, Deputy Warden Room, Recreation hall, Dispensary, Mess Office, Sports Room, Gym and Playground.

            Cameras installed should be considered in a manner that does not invade privacy of students in any manner while ensuring they feel safe at all times.

Other Amenities

 Healthy & Hygienic Mess
 Water Cooler with Aqua Guard
 TV and Reading Hall
 Spacious Vehicle Parking
 Telephone Facility
 Indoor Games Complex
 Power Back-up Arrangement
 Water Coolers with Aqua Guard
 Girls Common Room
 Recreation hall
 Direct Land Line
 Intercom
 Canteen
 Gymnasium

Other facilities:

A separate computer centre, Indoor game facility, Tuck shop facility, Laundry facility and saloon facility are provided to the inmates.

   A separate complaint box for both boys and girls has been placed at the respective hostel premises.

First Aid Box and Fire Extinguisher

First Aid Box and Fire extinguisher has been placed at each wing of the hostel building, including kitchen, dinning hall and Hostel office.


 Sl. No. Location of Fire extinguisher Type of fire Extinguisher
1. Two fire extinguisher all hostel portico’s, one in ground floor other one in first floor Liquid type
2. One in kitchen Powder type
3. Two in dinning hall Liquid type


Generator facility:

A Generator facility having capacity of 65 KVA has been provided to the inmates. A separate room is provided for operating the Generator. The Generator is maintained by the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.


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