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Facilities > Hostel > Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Hostel students. Rules and regulation for Hostel students have been framed for the welfare of the students to improve the quality and Maintain the Discipline and also to create an Environment suitable for studies. The rules and regulations are to be strictly followed by the students and not to be violated at any cost.

  1. Mess Bill card will be made available to parents on 3rd or 4th of every month, and the Mess Bill should be remitted before 10th of every month. Failing which the bill should be paid on or before 20th with a fine of Rs.1/-per day. If not so the student will be dismissed from the Hostel.
  2. When parents want to pay the mess bill through Demand Draft, the D.D. should be addressed to “The warden,” V.S.V.N.Polytechnic College Managing Board’s Hostel, Virudhunagar. Pocket money for students should be sent through Deputy warden.
  3. In case of illness students should inform the concerned R.S. immediately. Hostel Doctor is visiting our Hostel on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and that time students can take the treatment.
  4. It is the Prime Responsibility of every student to take care of his belongings. On no account students should have excess money with them.
  5. Study hour Night 8.30 P.m. – 11.00 P.m. should be strictly followed Students should avoid even subject related discussions during study hours.
  6. Night 11.00 P.m. to next day 6.00 A.m. should be strictly followed as “SILENT HOURS.” Students should switch off all the lights in their room after 11.00 P.m. if not studying.
  7. Students should not go to other rooms and other Hostel during study hours and after study hours.
  8. Every student must have separate water bottle and should not go for water during study hours.
  9. Students should keep their doors open during study hours and windows must kept open always.
  10. Students should not take bath and wash clothes after 7.00 P.m.
  11. The students are directed to take bath and wash their dresses in the following timings and dry them only in the space provided not every where. During college days : Morning 5.00AM to 8.00AM : Evening 5.00PM to 7.00PM During Holidays : Morning: 5.00AM to 10.00AM : Evening: 4.00 PM to 7.00 PM
  12. Students should wear ‘pant’ when they go to town and should not go out with ‘lungi’. Also students should not come to the hostel office with lung or half trousers.
  13. Without getting permission from the warden, students shall not indulge in unauthorized collection for celebration of any occasion and for uniform dresses.
  14. Celebrating birthday or other important occasion inside the hostel premises without getting permission is prohibited.
  15. Students should avoid writing picture, sticking at room walls, toilet walls, and other places.
  16. Students are not allowed to have different in-decent hair styles and to color their hair as they like. They should be handsome looking.
  17. The students should keep their rooms and the environment clean and neat. The clothes should be kept in the proper place.
  18. Cell Phone, transistor, tape recorder, camera, playing cards and other irrelevant books are strictly prohibited inside hostel.
  19. Students should not except any special privileges in the mess hall.
  20. The students letters will be scrutinized and suspicious letters will be viewed severely.
  21. Students should bring plates and tumbler when they were coming for food.
  22. After every periodical test students are permitted to go home on Saturdays and Sundays. But they should report to the hostel on Sunday night without fail.
  23. Students should avoid wastages of drinking water.
  24. The students who want to apply for leave should approach the Assistant Warden of their hostels during the study hours at least two days earlier. The students who avail leave without any information will be penalized.
  25. Students should not stay in the room during the college hours. Diseased students should get the written permission from their respective hostel Assistant Warden.
  26. Leave will not be given any ground during End examination time and they are expected to study only within the college campus.
  27. Students should bring their mess tokens when they are coming for food.
  28. Any other persons other then hostel students will not be permitted inside the hostel .

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