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Departments > Modern Office Practice

                 VSVN Polytechnic College, a Govt. aided Autonomous Institution noted for its discipline and academic excellence, was founded in 1958 and managed by Mahamai Tharappus of Virudhunagar business community.

The department was established during the year1971 and has been accredited for 3 years by NBA, AICTE, New Delhi with the effect from 21 – 06 - 2010

DEPARTMENT VISION: To achieve nationwide identity through innovative methods and strenuous efforts for the betterment of students to face the fast changing world of technology and management.


1. To develop aspiring students towards imbibing the virtues for an overall development.

2. To enable them to meet the ever growing challenges of the corporate world.


1. Engage in design and implementation of systems, services, manufacturing and applications in the field of computerized accounting and today’s electronic media.

2. Apply the knowledge creatively to solve the problems of society with the sense of ethics.

3. Build team and strengthen it by scientific way of co-ordination to implement projects which require/demand multi disciplinary skills.

4. Pursue learning continuously in order to adopt to changes taking place in corporate sector.


1. Basic knowledge :An ability to apply knowledge of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Income Tax, Goods and Services Tax, Business Mathematics, Modern typewriting, E-business for commercial applications.

2. Discipline Knowledge: An ability to apply critical skills to the operation and practice of business and Commerce.

3. Application and Practice: An ability to develop their own principles on models useful in business and developing the entrepreneurship skills.

4. Managerial/ Secretarial Tools: ability to plan and use of modern office tools and equipment for secretarial practices and managerial activities.

5. Profession and Society: Ability to understand the ethical and societal issues in their impact on individuals, organizations and communities.

6. Environment and Sustainability: Give support to solve the environmental problems connected with the business/ office management issues.

7. Ethics: Apply professional ethics and social values.

8.Individual and Team work: Function effectively as an individual and as a member or leader in diverse / multidisciplinary teams in business.

9. Communication: Ability to exhibit basic written and verbal communication and to draft the business, application, trade and circular letters.

10. Life-long learning: Recognize the need for continuous updating of Commerce and Accounting knowledge.


1. Ability to know about the machineries and equipments which are all using in the modern business offices.

2. Recognize the need and importance of updating the knowledge in order to handle the changes and developments in corporate sector. 

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