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Physical education has become a part of regular class work for all students. A sport attunes both body and mind of students. Sports and games of this nature generate healthy competition among the students and forges a strong unique brotherhood among them which forms an important segment of the society. The dept. of physical education is one among the prominent and well established departments. It has an excellent infrastructure. Such as Full fenced Tennis court, flood-light concrete Basketball court, outdoor Badminton court, two Ball Badminton court, one Volleyball court, one Cricket pitch, Kho-Kho court, Kabbadi court, Tennikoit court, non standard 400 M track with all field markings like sectors and pit etc. are available for students practice. There is a staff game and recreation hall is available in our college in that we have games such as Chess, Carom, Table Tennis, and two Badminton courts. A well modernized gymnasium is also available to maintain the health of students. We had hosted inter polytechnic state level girls sports meet and tournaments for eight times. It is our record performance of our institution. We have hosted Inter Polytechnic Madurai Divisional Level Ball Badminton Tournament and Indoor Games such as Chess, Carom, Table Tennis and Badminton. By using the well established courts and gymnasium, students are developing not only their physical fitness and also their mental strength. And also it builds good character, leadership and sportsman behavior of our students.


A well equipped Gym in an area of 1400 Sq.ft. with the latest equipment is functioning in the well laid out Gym. Unit.


5 Acres of well developed play fields for all the major outdoor games and sports is provided. A standard 400metre track with all field ground like throws,Circle, Jumping , pit etc. are available.


Full fenced tennis court, concreteBasket ball court with flood lite, concrete shuttle badminton court are the special feature. The play ground for the outdoor games like Foot ball, Hockey, Cricket, Volley ball, Ball badminton, Kabaadi, Tennikoit and Kho-Kho is provided.

The Physical education department has indoor games facilities in the Gymnasium Hall. The indoor games like chess , carom, Table- tennis are provided.


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